About Us

A group of parents in Winchester, Massachusetts decided to organize a Chinese school for children of every background. Their vision was to create a school that students looked forward to attending every week; one where they could learn practical communication skills and develop a life-long appreciation for the language and traditional culture of China.
Our Mission

Tian Yue Academy of Arts is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to teach the language and traditional culture of China through classroom instructions, the arts, and cultural events and to promote and engage in cultural exchanges and civic activities to develop and sustain community-school partnerships.

To accomplish its mission, the school relies on experienced teachers, the cooperation and involvement of parents, the active participation of students, and the support of the community. The school seeks to provide students with a foundation for future learning and to cultivate a life-long interest in the language and cultural traditions of China by creating an enjoyable learning environment. The school is committed to high professional standards and is a member of the Association of Chinese Schools (1st District) and the New England Chinese School Association.

Our Approach

Tian Yue programs are age and level appropriate, practical, and relevant. Native speaking teachers combine classroom instruction with challenging activities to engage students. Enrichment on culture, history, and traditions supplement language instruction. The school seeks to create an environment where students enjoy the process of learning. The school is open to everyone. Students are not required have Chinese parents or be of Chinese heritage to attend. The student body includes children of both Asian and non-Asian descent. The school does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin. The school offers three programs which are tailored to meet the needs of its families:

After-School Program
Summer Program