After-School Program

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After-School Program

The After-School Program provides supervision, care and activities for school age children after the regular school day. It is licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (EEC). EEC enforces strong licensing standards for the health, safety, and education of all children in child care.

The Program operates from two sites in Winchester and from one site in Belmont. The Program follows the Winchester or Belmont Public School calendar and is not open on those days that a given school system is closed, including announced snow days. The Program is available for an additional fee on certain holidays and during winter and spring vacations based upon needs.

The Winchester Public School bus system drops off children at the Winchester sites. Winchester residents can purchase a bus pass from the Winchester Public Schools. A private bus service drops off children at the Belmont site for an additional fee. The Program accepts children from outside of Winchester and Belmont if parents provide for their own transportation needs.


Ms. Annie Wang, Program Director
Phone: 978.223.5051
Winchester Unitarian Church Site
Ms. Ruiming Huang, Site Manager
Phone: 617.447.3691
Ms. Jialing Gao, Teacher
Ms. Guangrong Deng, Teacher
Ms. Lizhen Liu, Assistant Teacher
Mr. Tony Ye, Sub teacher
Winchester First Congregational Church Site
Ms. Betty Jaw, Site Manager
Phone: 781.254.8835
Ms. Xiaohui Di, Teacher
Ms. Honghua Li, Teacher

Belmont Plymouth Congregational Church Site
Ms. Carrie Gong, Teacher
Ms. Lin Wang, Teacher
Ms. Lianxiang Fu, Assistant