Summer Program

2015 Summer WSCC offers a Chinese Language Program and a Chinese Dance Program.

The Chinese Language Program consists of four two weeks sessions (7/6-8/28) and is under the guidance of Ms. Betty Jaw and Ms. Ruiming Huang, along with several qualified assistants. Students (age 5-10) are organized into groups based on their age and Chinese language proficiency.

The Program emphasizes the development of Chinese language through student-centered real-life language performance, game playing, and cultural activities. Students discover and explore the fun and pleasure of understanding and mastering the Chinese language. For each two-week session, students are taught Chinese culture and language arts in the morning, and variety of activities such as martial arts, dance, calligraphy, and arts and crafts in the afternoon from Monday through Thursday. On Friday, students participate in a daylong field trip.



The Chinese Dance Program consists of a two-week session (7/6-17) and is under the guidance of Ms. Mia Tsai, along with several qualified assistants.
Students (age 6 and above) are organized into groups based on their level of dance experience.


中国舞蹈基础课程由蔡君柔老师主教: 让孩子从小在舞蹈的天地里,受到美的薰陶,磨练意志,训练挺拔优雅的身型,培养高尚的情操,表现中国舞蹈线条、姿态造型和技艺等独特艺术风格。学习内容包括:训练身体各部份肌肉运用、关节柔软度、能力控制及灵活性;中国古典舞有四部份训练项目:身法训练(舞蹈组合与把杆基础练习),身韵训练(这是使内在特定的情感通过身法外放的手法),舞蹈的技巧训练(难度大的舞蹈技巧动作训练),毯子功训练(主要是各种翻腾与基础训练)。


Ms. Annie Wang, Administrative Director
Phone: 978.223.5051

Ms. Betty Jaw, Chinese Program Director
Phone: 781.254.8835
Ms. Ruiming Huang, Site Manager
Phone: 617.447.3691

Ms. Xia Yang, Dance Program Manager
Phone: 617.512.8497

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